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Since 1969

About Our Club

The Asheville Sailing Club sails from the Sailing Marina area of Lake Julian Park.  Lake Julian is a man-made lake created in 1964 as an integral part of the Power Plant project. The Duke Energy power plant, which sits at the edge of the lake, is now converted to natural gas and supplies electricity to the entire City of Asheville and most of the Buncombe County area. As a part of the Buncombe County Parks and Recreation Service, the lake provides a great place for paddle boaters, sailors, youth rowers, adult rowers, and fishermen to enjoy the water--however, swimming and motorboats are prohibited. 

The Asheville Sailing Club is a registered social organization affiliated with The Asheville Sailing Foundation -- a non-profit. The Asheville Sailing Club itself does not own any of the facilities available to members. The county provides all marina facilities to paying members. Other facilities in Lake Julian Park are owned by Lake Julian Park and are not able to be accessed automatically with membership to the Sailing Club.

Facilities granted for use by the county with membership to Asheville Sailing Club include: 

All Sailing Marina facilities -- buildings, docks, trailer parking, lockers, etc. 

Wet slips and land berths (Note: only a paid rental agreement from Lake Julian Park allows any boat/trailer to be stored on land or wet slips.)

Please contact the Park Supervisor about renting a boat slip or a locker.


Safety Information/Restrictions:

Fishing and sunbathing is not permitted on any docks.

Swimming is strictly prohibited. 

The marina is only accessible to current marina members in good standing with the Park Office. 

No unescorted non-members are allowed at the marina. 

Unescorted minors under the age of 18 are not allowed at the facility. All minors must have adult supervision while sailing.

The lake is deep, especially around the dock. All minors must wear a PFD and have adult supervision on the docks or near the water. 

Footwear is to be worn at all times.

Dogs and other pets must be leashed.

Boat for Sale: 

Club members get to list a boat for sale.  Contact Marketing committee.



Park Supervisor (concerning boat slips and locker rentals)
phone - (828) 684-0376 

Club Officer:  Emily Mann (828) 450-0946

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