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The Asheville Sailing Club hosts two Regattas a month during the official sailing season See “Events” tab for schedule.   This page posts the notice of race for the next race as well as the race results.

Races can be seen from many locations at Lake Julian.

PRO sign up:  ( Your Big Day! )

Schedule 2020 Season b

All members have a traditional duty to serve as racing official “PRO” for one race each season.  This year, assignements have been made.  Check to see if you can be there on that date.  If you need to make a change, see one of the other PROs to see if they could switch with you.  Then let the Vice-Commodore know about the change.   Be sure to remind the park staff on Wednesday so they can schedule dock cleaning in time for the races.

PRO and team show up in advance so that the race day is smooth as silk.

 Listed below are a few regatta documents:

Regatta Organization for 2020: (coming soon)
Click To See:  Regatta Organization 2018

Notice of Race:
Click Here To See:  Notice of Race 2019

Vice Commodore’s Comments:

Vice Commodore:  Connie Bercham


Some of us are installing this small app on our phones that are GPS enabled.  After that it just takes a second before the race to set the race start time, and your phone will keep track of your progress during the day.   You don’t have to do anything.  In fact your phone can be in  triple zip lock bags to stay dry tucked away during the races.   Everyone that raced can see their race after the race on any laptop or tablet device.  Here is the website to look at finished races:


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