The Asheville Sailing Club is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  The 2018 board members are:

Commodore          :           Leonard Wells             828-460-6338

Vice Commodore :           Connie Berchem         828-229-5512

Secretary               :           James Titus                  828-989-0121

The club maintains a Facebook page which is updated periodically with results, pictures, and news.

For information about Youth Sailing including Sailing Day-Camp:

Youth Sailing:                    Paula Hennon     828 229 5511

Interested in Sailing on a boat?

Bill Romanelli is your man!  He is looking forward to your call:

[email protected] 910 612 1789




Lake Julian is a man-made lake started in 1964 as an integral part of the Power Plant project. The Duke Energy power plant supplies electricity to the entire City of Asheville and most of the Buncombe County area. The lake is named after Julian West, a former plant director who died that year (1964). By way of Buncombe County Parks and Recreation Service, the lake provides great pleasure to paddle boaters, sailors, youth rowers, adult rowers, and fisherman. Powerboats and swimming are prohibited on Lake Julian . The deepest part of the lake is 108ft.

The County provides all the Marina facilities to paying members. This includes everything within the door and fence such as buildings, docks, trailer parking spots, lockers, etc.  The Asheville Sailing Club owns none of the facilities.

Fishing and sunbathing is not permitted on Marina docks for safety reasons.

The marina is only accessible to current marina members in good standing with the Park office.  No unescorted guests are allowed at the marina.  No unescorted minors under the age of 18 are ever allowed at the facility.  The water beside the docks is very deep and must be restricted to marina members.  Marina members with minor children must take care to supervise their children.  PFD must be worn by minors upon stepping onto any dock.


406 Overlook Extension, Arden North Carolina