Fall Series VII regatta results–Sunday October 25, 2015

The last regatta for 2015 occurred last Sunday.  It was a very interesting day that included mishaps and individuals wearing costumes. See attached write up. Fall Series VII Regatta 2015

All of Asheville sailing club buoys are out of the water and in the storage area.  Thanks to Curtis and Rick.

There were 26 skippers that participated in the fall regatta series with 13 qualifying for the series.

The results for the FALL 2015 SERIES are:

1. L. Wells
2. T. Alderson
3. C. Hennon
4. C. Berchem
5. S. Janes
6. T. Cannon
7. B. Sokol
8. R. Hansen
9. C. Boyd
10. J. Titus
11. R. Beytagh
12. D. Buckely
13. L. Wilcocks

The annual dinner is schedule for Saturday January 23, 2016; Teri will provide more information later.

I will be arranging for some frostbite sailing during NOV 2015 – MAR 2016 on Saturdays (not between Christmas and New Years) when it looks like temperature will be above 50F and some wind.  I will try to get a notice out 7-10 days before the date.

Vice Commodore

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